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Thank you for your friendship to Ramona Paloma Tile Studios!

We wanted to share our recent interview with the online magazine, VoyageLA, with you — our friends and supporters.  Please click below to see the article.
Thank you!



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We are getting ready for something completely different this weekend.

Village Venture is a new venue for us.  It promises to be festive and vivacious with lots of artists, a children’s costume parade, many food vendors and live music.  It should be a lot of fun!

Here’s the scoop:

October 26, Saturday, 9am – 5pm, rain or shine
Village Venture Arts & Crafts Fair, Claremont, CA
It will span over many city blocks between College & Indian Hill, and First & Fourth St.
We are booth #583, at the SE corner of eastbound First St and Yale, close to the Metrolink Depot, the Food court and entertainment.

If you would like to travel easier, and leave the parking challenges behind, try taking the MetroLink.  You might drive to the El Monte Station located at 10925 Railroad St.,  El Monte, CA 91731, or go downtown to Union Station via the Gold Line and transfer to Metrolink.

http://www.metrolinktrains.com/stations/detail/station_id/90.html  for info about MetroLink, Claremont Station

p.s.   so what’s new in the kiln?DSCN8151 DSCN8153 DSCN8155 DSCN8157

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To gnome him is to love him…garden gnome totem for the gardenWe are often inspired by a good adventure!  That’s why we squeeze in field trips whenever possible.  And sometimes, the journey happens right in our own studio–when we venture out of the known.

We have been experimenting with garden totems–something slightly different than our usual tile fare, but greatly influenced by the themes on our tiles.  These garden art pieces are made up of several mini-sculptures stacked and held in place with re-bar.  They can be placed in a pot or amongst the plants.

Could this be Gerome, the fishing gnome?  He sits atop a tree stub, that sits on a rock and all on top of a mushroom.  I believe he’s caught a wee blue fish.

Stay tuned for Tracy’s dog totem–in the works…

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Our friend Jenny purchased some tile from us, trusting that she had an ultimate plan on how she wanted to display them…but that plan had not quite  made itself  known to her…yet.

Then the idea struck!

She met a woodworker named Michael who opened his studio next door to where she works.  (She happens to work for one of the best leaded glass artisans in the area.)  Soon the story unfolded as Jenny put her woodworker friend together with the 4 tile .  Michael perfectly placed  the tile into a gorgeous hunk of mahogany, accented with craftsman style wood plugs.

our tile nestled in mahogany

This piece is now ready to be installed into a little nook in the stone fireplace of her craftsman’s style bungalow in the Sierra Madre canyon.  And yes, they plan to live happily ever after…together.

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Several months ago, a very nice gentleman from New Mexico asked Tracy if she could make a special piece for him.

Through their conversation, the story of a charming  furry friend named Griffin, emerged.  Tracy came to learn that this gentleman had gotten Griffin as an 8-week old pup form Cornish, Maine.  They had been pals for 17 and a half years.  When Griffin passed, the man knew he wanted to honor the memory of his faithful companion, but hadn’t really decided how  yet.

When talking to Tracy about tile, an idea was sparked…and he asked her if she would make an urn.  He provided many photos of his smiling  yellow-dog with the dark eyes.

It was decided.

Tracy was honored to create a final resting place for Griffin–a rustic ceramic  jar, handmade with great sincerity.



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I spy a kiln opening.

After taking some time away in the summer, we enjoyed getting back in the saddle of tile-making.  We had a few special orders and commissioned pieces which brought structure to our timeline.  Thank you tile-friends.  We love a deadline.

Tracy and I have found that we really enjoy the process of making unique commissioned pieces.  It stretches our artistic muscles and invites collaboration…how about a kitchen back splash!

The results of  September’s work are seen below as we opened the kiln recently.

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…a recent “lifting of the lid” for us…see anything you like?

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