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Soozee here…I wanted to share a quick story…

My mom’s house is a foster home for kittens via the Suffolk Humane Society in Virginia.  She regularly has kitten-guests for 2-6 weeks, depending on their situation.  She socializes them, nurtures them through their spay/neuter recovery and gets to name them.  Once these three things are accomplished, they get adopted out to families.

Because she has been doing this for several years, sometimes her kitten-name ideas run dry.  She generally tries not to use the same name twice, and likes to offer a name that suits the cat.

So she called me up yesterday to tell me that 2 females had just arrived–black and white kittens from the same feral litter.  As soon as she saw their faces it immediately occurred to her to name them after us.

“So, Mom”, I said on the phone…”Did you name them Ramona and Paloma?”

“No silly.  They are Soozee and Tracy.  Don’t you think that’s just right for these two, dear?”

What do you think?  Are they us?

Which one is Tracy and which one is Soozee?


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…as this new year is still fresh and full of promise, we remind ourselves of the rewards in…

the movement of the body,

movemnt of the bodymovment of ideas through conversation

…the movement of  ideas through conversation,

movement of the penciled hand

…and the movement of the penciled-hand across the page…

Are you moving a part of yourself ?…or plan to?

Leave a comment–we’d love to hear.

Happy February!

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Soozee here…Tracy and I are delighted to be returning to the Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre for their Annual Art Festival scheduled for the weekend of November 2 – 4, 2012 at 108 N. Baldwin Ave.   We will showing some new designs, along with some previous favorites.   We had too much fun last year at this show–so many nice people.

The festival hours will be as follows:

Friday, Nov. 2, Opening Night will be 7 – 9 pm, plus student show and sale

Saturday, Nov. 3, 10am – 5pm, plus student show and sale

Sunday,  Nov, 4, 11am – 4pm.

Please join us, along with 60 other artists, for the annual art festival at Creative Arts Group!

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I spy a kiln opening.

After taking some time away in the summer, we enjoyed getting back in the saddle of tile-making.  We had a few special orders and commissioned pieces which brought structure to our timeline.  Thank you tile-friends.  We love a deadline.

Tracy and I have found that we really enjoy the process of making unique commissioned pieces.  It stretches our artistic muscles and invites collaboration…how about a kitchen back splash!

The results of  September’s work are seen below as we opened the kiln recently.

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The Wheelhouse Pottery Studio presents its annual Spring Ceramic Art Show.

This Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, we will join the Wheelhouse  Studio in Monrovia as they place large table cloths over potting-wheels, glaze buckets and roller tables in order to display the latest ceramic work of 20 – 25 local artisans.

I may have mentioned this before, but Tracy and I were big fans of this ceramics show long before we joined the studio.  We have always appreciated the variety of artistic styles, good pricing and have especially enjoyed meeting the people that worked the sale…and fortunately we now know them as friends!

In case you are unable to read the small print above…The Wheelhouse Pottery Studio is located at 1831 Santa Fe Place in Monrovia (near the corner of Duarte Road and Myrtle, behind AAMCO and Troy’s Donuts & Burgers).

The studio is taking cash and checks only and is on Facebook under WheelhouseCeramics.

For you, our Friends and Family, there will be a preview sale on Friday evening April 27, from 6:00 – 9:00pm.  Tracy and I may not be there to greet you this year as we have been called away on a top-secret mission…well, not likely, but duty calls in other ways and will pull us away from this festive event.

Hopefully our tile work will represent us with a smile.

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